Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rachel Zoe Collection


rachel brad

The moment we all waited for has finally arrived: Rachel will launch a collection consisting of accessories and clothing.


Rachel: “Subconsciously or consciously, my whole final goal — I don’t want to say final because that sounds very like it’s the end — but I would say my ultimate dream scenario was to be on the design side. You will definitely see me in the clothes. Like, you will absolutely see my trademark pieces. I’ll definitely do faux furs and incredible leather jackets and great trousers. But I’m catering to a broader audience. The bottom line for me is if I’m passionate about it, I will sell it like crazy because I love it.”


Well we are definately looking forward to it. The collection is set to launch in the fall 2011. I guess we can see something about the collection on TRZP. Too bad our beloved TayTay isn’t at the Zoe Camp anymore. She always wanted that job ;(

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