Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rachel at Valentino Garavani Launch Party

Caption: Rachel Zoe and Roger Berman attend Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum Launch party at the IAC Headquarters on December 7, 2011 in New York City. (December 6, 2011 - Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America)

Rachel looks fabulous as always, but her hair is shorter isn’t it?

Rachel Zoe Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum hfRCf57ye5Ql

Rachel Zoe Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum JuQhiswRU-Ql

Rachel Zoe Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum naNH7QaJT3Fl

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rachel at the MOCA Gala

Caption: Stylist Rachel Zoe at the 2011 MOCA Gala, An Artist's Life Manifesto, Directed by Marina Abramovic at MOCA in Los Angeles, CA. (November 13, 2011 - Photo by

Rachel looked absolutely breathtaking at the MOCA Gala, but can somebody please do something about Rodgers hair? So not chic!

 Rachel Zoe The 2011 MOCA Gala V_zjWJhtEYHl

Rachel Zoe The 2011 MOCA Gala mWEcfDjrmEKl

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rachel at Burberry Body Launch

Caption: Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe attends the Burberry Body Launch event at Burberry on October 26, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (October 25, 2011 - Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images North America)

Rachel looked wonderful at the launch of Burberrys newest fragrance called “Body”. Her blue (is this blue??) burberry coat looked just impaccable and of course her styling is perfect . She is a stylist after all!

Rachel Zoe Burberry Body Launch F1ifweVTqX6l  

Rachel Zoe Burberry Body Launch DKf6yAtdqtjl

Rachel Zoe Burberry Body Launch Arrivals ygFq8S6Cyatl

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rachel attends the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Rachel attends the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles at Will Rogers State Historic Park in Los Angeles. (October 11, 2011 - Photo by

Rachel looks very old hollywood glam, with her hat, her red lips, the purse, glasses … perfection!!!

Rachel Zoe Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Lr7IyvobVw9l

Rachel Zoe Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los DKby3RkONnpl

Rachel Zoe Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los 0wwydIoTMy4l

Rachel Zoe Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Efv7U0mhaRYl

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rachel at Paris Fashion Week

Rachel visited a lot of shows during Paris Fashion Week.

She was at the following shows: Balmain, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent.

Thats quite impressive and there are tons of pictures from Rachel. I picked the best ones for you.

I’m particularly in love with her blue jumpsuit that she wore to the Viktor and Rolf show. She was even seen wearing that jumpsuit when pushing a stroller with little Skyler.

Rachel Zoe Viktor Rolf Show Paris Fashion R5Yik1uLP8hl 
Rachel at the Viktor and Rolf Show

Rachel Zoe Christian Dior Front Row Paris brqqSDXyu2jl 
Rachel at the Dior Show

Rachel Zoe Ciara Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion 1D6RGXSIYOLl 
At the Jean Paul Gaultier Show

Rachel Zoe Jessica Biel Paris Fashion Week W49A56h7StUl 
Valentino Show

Rachel Zoe Paris Fashion Week Front Row uW8-pqsowlLl 
Alexander McQueen

Rachel Zoe Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 zG7WWCfigWyl 

What is your favourite outfit? Mine is for sure the blue Viktor and Rolf jumpsuit.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rachels new Mansion

You really can’t call Rachels new home a house, it’s a freakin’ mansion!

I’m really in love with her style (interior design wise as well). All that white is so modern and chic but like Rodger pointed out it’s not really baby proof, but who cares – it does look fab!

Look at it:


That is the view from the backyard. It is a really nice looking house with a garden and pool. The rooms are really spacious and bright – a perfect home for her new family.


I’m a fan of the transparent candle holders and the lamps, they add such a nice touch of yellow colour to the room. I’m not particularly fond of the chairs, they look kind of fragile.


The patio is really beautiful! The only thing that is so not Rachel are all these plants.


The bedroom is also really spacious and beautiful, the bed almost looks a little too small for this big room.


What a gorgeous fireplace that is, with that black marble. I do not live in L.A. but is a fireplace really used or is it just for decorative purposes.


The couch is really nice and I can only image how much all that cost. I mean even the rug is vintage versace.

Last but not least that funny picture of a totally exhausted interior decorator Jeremiah Brent ;)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rachel at London Fashion Week

After New York Fashion Week Rachel jetted off to London Fashion Week (what a Life this woman has!!!)

Rachel Zoe Rachel Zoe London Fashion Week icWlEbmbnUEl

She launched her Fashion Line “The Rachel Zoe Collection” at Selfridges during London Fashion Week

Rachel Zoe Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer PjdScbXhrLZl

Rachel Zoe Burberry Spring Summer 2012 Womenswear Z6Ouw2RRULVl

Rachel Zoe Klum lands London 0ZBPcyAuMDSl 

I think her outfit for the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2012 show was perfection. I mean these boots and THAT coat, just WOW.

The only thing that I do not like is that its supposedly real fur. She has been slammed for wearing real fur in the past and it does not look like she has changed her attitude toward that topic.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rachel at NY Fashion Week


Rachel visited a lot of shows during NY Fashion Week. Doesn’t she look absolutely fab in all of these pictures?

Rachel Zoe Michael Kors Backstage Spring 2012 2kwsM7UfDEtl  
Rachel with Michael Kors

Rachel Zoe NARS Cosmetics Guido REDKEN Backstage LVue_k7QTGgl
At the Marc Jacobs show

Rachel Zoe HP Marchesa Spring 2012 Fashion Ol0t-cXkbxul
Rachel with Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa.

Rachel Zoe Oscar De La Renta Front Row Spring jMsXrdk7jF1l
Rachel with Joe Zee of ELLE Magazine at the Oscar De La Renta show.

Rachel Zoe Calvin Klein Collection Dinner 2eejADV60Fwl
Rachel and Rodger at Calvin Klein Collection Dinner.

You need to see this outfit when she is standing. Its absolutely perfect!!!

Rachel Zoe Calvin Klein Collection Dinner wjYtJDWc-ydl

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rachels Spring 2012 Presentation at New York Fashion Week

Rachel reflecting on her first presentation at New York Fashion Week and why she is still terrified.

In the last scene behind the reporter we see our beloved Jeremiah painting the walls barefoot. So funny! ;)

Jeremiah Brent – Styling Assistant Rachel Zoe Inc.


We all met Jeremiah Brent on the first episode of the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project.

Jeremiah has a background in interior design. He taught himself both how to design and how to build furniture. He already has his own furniture design firm and has designed everything from small houses to big nightclubs.

Jeremiah is originally from Modesto, CA and moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old. did an interesting interview with him. You can read the whole interview here.

The most interesting parts of the interview:

CS: How did you meet Rachel Zoe and get involved with the show?

JB: I have always had deep admiration for Rachel Zoe. Aside from her unwavering work ethic, she has always maintained such class and dignity with the development of her brand and the life that’s accompanied by it. When I heard through a mutual friend that she was looking to hire someone new in her company, I jumped at the opportunity. I had reached a point in my design career where I couldn’t find the passion that once fueled me, and I had always been fascinated and curious about fashion. It was all a very natural progression.


CS: What’s one project you’ve created for Rachel that you love?

JB: I have been given the opportunity (however terrifying) of creating some very special spaces for Rachel, both professionally and personally. Rachel is not someone who easily relinquishes control, if ever, but she always has for me. She has consistently trusted both my capability and eye for design. Getting the chance to do some of these amazing spaces (which you will see this season) has meant a lot to me. This year has been a very important one for Rachel and Rodger, and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of those experiences.


CS: What are your passions outside of the interior design world?

JB: Design is my passion every day! It’s everywhere! Like I said before, I’m really fueled by creativity. Aside from that, I love being outside, surfing, being active, taking unplanned day trips to new places. My passion is life! Oh and laughing. Laughing is key!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Beginnings – A Review

I finally saw the first episode of the brand new season of The Rachel Zoe Project.

If you have not had the chance you can download it here or here or here or here ;)))

rachel zoe elle shoot pregnant

I have been reminded why I love Rachel so much. I love her personality, her attitude, her silliness and above all her aesthetics as a stylist and a designer.


Pregnancy really seems to agree with her. I noticed a change in her attitude, she does not flip out that much over deadlines and clients and dresses. Sure she has her crazy moments (and I love her for that too ;)) but her priorities seem to have shifted.


The main new people in Team Zoe are Mandana Dayani (Director of Brand Development) and Jeremiah Brent. I have written a blogpost back in June about Mandana. You can read it here.

In the days to come I will do some extensive research about Jeremiah Brent. (Some call it stalking, but I stick to “extensive research” ;)) So stay tuned.

Have you noticed Mandanas voice? When you close your eyes you swear it is Taylor talking. Thats really odd isn’t it.

And can we talk about that hottie Jeremiah. Seriously, how hot is he??? Like supermodel hot!!! ;))

Stay tuned for more posts (about Jeremiah, Rachels new house, Rachels Family shoot for ELLE).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Beginnings – Big Changes


Have you all seen the premiere of season 4 of the Rachel Zoe Project? Unfortunately I have not since I live in Europe and have to wait until it is available online.

But I looked at the pictures and I have to say that Jeremiah is just too handsome ;)))

I’ll let you know when I watched the episode.

Here is the official description from Bravo:

In the season premiere, Rachel Zoe, Inc. is growing exponentially, and so is Rachel’s family. With a baby on the way, Rodger looks for a bigger house, while Rachel sets her eyes on launching her new fashion line. After an Elle Magazine photo shoot with her hubby, Rachel and Rodger jet off to a round of interviews for a potential new junior stylist to replace Brad. Hoping she’ll slow down and take it easy, Rachel tries to manage it all leaving Rodger concerned for her health and well-being.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holt Renfrew Welcomes Designer Rachel Zoe

Rachel was in Toronto at Holt Renfrew to launch the Rachel Zoe Fall 2011 collection.

Doesn’t she look absolutely smashing?




Monday, August 15, 2011

Rachel at the premiere of Homeland

Caption/Credits: Fashion stylist/television personality Rachel Zoe attends the Showtime and Cinema Society premiere of "Homeland" at a Private Residence on August 13, 2011 in East Hampton, New York. (August 12, 2011 - Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America)

Wow she looks so good in those pics – and her clutch is to die for. My guess is that her clutch is Gucci, but I’m not quite sure. Can any of you fashionistas out there identify it? Would be great ;))

Rachel Zoe Showtime Cinema Society Host Premiere bfhKRGyUadbl

Rachel Zoe Showtime Cinema Society Host Premiere a2-E94sE_3Fl

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rachel on the Cover of the Hamptons Magazine


Rachel looks absolutely breathtaking on the cover of the new issue of the Hamptons Magazine.

Can you believe she gave birth just a few months ago?

Rachel celebrated her Cover at the trendy Georgica Restaurant & Lounge in Wainscott. It was a date night for  the new parents since little Skyler was born they rarely have time for themselves.


Rachels makeup in this picture is just perfection and btw Rodger looks super dapper!