Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Beginnings – Big Changes


Have you all seen the premiere of season 4 of the Rachel Zoe Project? Unfortunately I have not since I live in Europe and have to wait until it is available online.

But I looked at the pictures and I have to say that Jeremiah is just too handsome ;)))

I’ll let you know when I watched the episode.

Here is the official description from Bravo:

In the season premiere, Rachel Zoe, Inc. is growing exponentially, and so is Rachel’s family. With a baby on the way, Rodger looks for a bigger house, while Rachel sets her eyes on launching her new fashion line. After an Elle Magazine photo shoot with her hubby, Rachel and Rodger jet off to a round of interviews for a potential new junior stylist to replace Brad. Hoping she’ll slow down and take it easy, Rachel tries to manage it all leaving Rodger concerned for her health and well-being.

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