Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rachels new Mansion

You really can’t call Rachels new home a house, it’s a freakin’ mansion!

I’m really in love with her style (interior design wise as well). All that white is so modern and chic but like Rodger pointed out it’s not really baby proof, but who cares – it does look fab!

Look at it:


That is the view from the backyard. It is a really nice looking house with a garden and pool. The rooms are really spacious and bright – a perfect home for her new family.


I’m a fan of the transparent candle holders and the lamps, they add such a nice touch of yellow colour to the room. I’m not particularly fond of the chairs, they look kind of fragile.


The patio is really beautiful! The only thing that is so not Rachel are all these plants.


The bedroom is also really spacious and beautiful, the bed almost looks a little too small for this big room.


What a gorgeous fireplace that is, with that black marble. I do not live in L.A. but is a fireplace really used or is it just for decorative purposes.


The couch is really nice and I can only image how much all that cost. I mean even the rug is vintage versace.

Last but not least that funny picture of a totally exhausted interior decorator Jeremiah Brent ;)


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  1. Love the pics!! Gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing :) :)