Thursday, August 26, 2010

Episode 3 – A Review

I know I’m far behind since Episode 4 has already aired but I couldn’t get Episode 3 fast enough.

First of all: NAOMI – How Major is she????


Here she is pictured with her cellphone – did you people realize how dangerous that is??? Haha I’m kidding ;)

brad naomi

Our lil B’boy is meeting Naomi – how sweet ;)


The story of this guy was really moving. He was in Haiti when the earthquake happened. Even Rachel couldn’t hide the horror in her face.


The Alexander McQueen tribute in the end was really moving. I know I said it like a thousand times but he was a true genius and he will be missed!

Did anyone else miss the lack of ZOE-isms this season? She never once said BAH-NANAS or I DIE or OOC, OMG … Come on Rachel bring the ZOE-isms back – we love em ;)))

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