Thursday, September 2, 2010

Episode 4 - Review

Finally I got my hands on Episode 4 and it was hilarious ;) I know I’m far behind since Episode 5 already aired, but let me remind you I live in Europe and its not that easy to get the episodes.

If you want to download it here is he link


Sooo on with the review ;)

1 brad bathrobe

First of all how cute is Brad in a bathrobe – haha I love it!!! And how about his fancy hotel room, last season he had to share a bed with Taylor in a small hotel room. I’m still trying to figure out the hotel they were staying in. Last season they stayed at the 60 Thompson Hotel in NYC.

2 rachel oscar de la renta

Rachel meeting Oscar de la Renta, his fashion show was beyond gorgeous and Rachel spotted the Oscar gown for Cameron Diaz. Here it is

cameron diaz oscar 2010 oscar de la renta

BREATHTAKING!!! And I thought the fur collar on the runway did not look good. Glad it was removeable!

3 rachel running

Rachel running to Michael Kors show – it was beyond funny to see her run in heels. Unfortunately she didn’t make it in time to the show.

4 rachel anniversary present

Rachel “I’m not wearing it, I’m not wearing it, I’m not wearing it” – opens the box “WOW its gorgeous I’m wearing it” I almost fell of the couch laughing ;)

5 brad hotelroom

Brads fancy hotel room – definately an upgrade from last season, but afterall he is the Style Director of RZ inc.

6 rachel calvin klein coat

Another hilarious scene. Rachel “I’m grabbing the coat and I’m running …” ;) so funny ;)

7 rachel rodger snow

Rachel and Rodger on the way to their anniversary dinner. Really romantic!

8 rachel papparazzi

I love this pic. Rachel herself is a celebrity and she is soo nice to the paparazzi. She greeted them – said hi and all ;))

Sooo this was my review. Glad you read it ;))


  1. doll I just found this youtube page that has all the current episodes (well except episode 5 ;p but I hope it's coming soon) so us european gals don't have to look no further for our beloved Rach <3

  2. WOW thank you so much - I didn't know this page - now I can get my daily RZ fix ;)))

  3. episode 5 is uploaded :)