Monday, September 6, 2010

Episode 5 – Milan Fashion Week Review

Wow another intense episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. We got to meet Kate Hudson and the fashion goddess that is Donatella Versace.

By far my favorite Rachel quote of this episode was “you know … at the end of the day I’m just a big fag hag” hahaaa – that’s why we love you Rachel!!!

But lets start from the beginning:

1 rachel kate

Rachel took a detour to London to go to the Burberry show with Kate Hudson. Wow Kate is such a lovely and natural girl, I loved that she said that her coat cost only 35 $.

2 rachel missoni

Rachel Rodger and Brad visited the Missioni showroom. They had some really cool things, but is there anybody else that thinks that Margherita Missions outfit was not the most fashionable??? How hilarious was Brad when he tried on that poncho? Haha sooo funny ;))

3 brad rachel outfit

I just LOVED their outfits here. Rachel in her leopard coat with the big bowtie and her signature sunnies and Brad looked so chic in his turtleneck and blazer – wow – I gotta buy me some turtleneck sweaters. I saw some great ones by Hugo Boss the other day – but that’s another story ;)

4 brad dsquared

How chic is Brad’s Dsquared jacket??? I want that!!!

5 donatella

Here she is, the Italian Fashion Goddess Donatella Versace. She was really sweet and lovely to Rachel and Brad. This is another aspect of why I love the show so much. When do you get to see Donatella Versace on reality tv, just joking around and stuff???


Here we have a little spoiler (well not really). Demi Moore wore Atelier Versace for the Oscars 2010. It is really a gorgeous dress. Rachel’s style advice is just impeccable.

6 brad rachel at bulgary party

Brad and Rachel at the Bulgari party in Milan. They looked stylish and chic as ever.

On a side note: I thought that Joey was just damn rude to Rodger when he talked sexy about Rachel. After all he is the boss of RZ inc.

And another thing: I hate all this baby talk ;(( Thats just not Rachel and I also think this particular thing is pushed by the Bravo producers to get some storyline or drama, but personally I can live without it. The show is fabulous as it is.

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