Thursday, September 23, 2010

Episode 8 – Finale - Review

Wow I’m not gonna lie – at the end of this episode I head a tear in my eye. The ending was really emotional. When Rachel was sad sitting by herself on the balcony and Rodger was sitting in the living room and then he went out and hugged her. It was really genuine – that hug said so much about them, they really are soulmates – ok the tears are coming so I’ll stop ;)

 episode 8 - rachel rodger

episode 8 - rachel rodger hug

And the music in the background – oh I’m a sucker for these moments ;))

Ok now on with the actual episode:

episode 8 - 1

It really was funny seeing Rachel schlepp all these clothes ;) but Brad seriously had a Brad-titute – I mean Rachel is his Boss and he behaved like a brat.

episode 8 - 2 

But then when Rachel climbed into his bed all seemend forgotten ;))

episode 8 - 3

How major was Annie Hathaway??? She was so real and funny!!! They talked about her in every episode and we NEVER got to see her until now. Ok I liked Kate Hudson but I really LOVED Annie.

I would have loved to see Rachel in the first Marc Jacobs dress. It looked sooo good on her. I wasn’t sure about the yellow one, but it turned out nice.

episode 8 - 4

The yellow one:


And Annie looked breathtaking!!!!

anne met ball

At this point I really hope that there will be a 4th season of The Rachel Zoe Project. Rachel tweeted that she does not know and that its on the Bravo Producers.

Love you Rachel!

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  1. Brad is slowly turning into Taylor! Maybe that happens when you work so closely with Rachel