Thursday, September 16, 2010

Episode 6 - Review

Oh I LOVED this episode! First of all: how major is Johnny Weir? ;)))

1 Rachel Giogio Armani

Rachel met Giorgio Armani backstage. Thats why I love this show. When do you get to see Mr. Armani on reality tv? ;) There were some troubles with the language since Mr. Armani seems not to speak much of English and Rachel does not speak Italian, but it was funny ;)

2 Rachel autographs

I always think that these people wanting an autograph from Rachel are really annoying, but on the other hand if I met Rachel in person, I would behave much crazier – haha ;)))

3 johnny weir

The real star of this episode: Johnny Weir! He is such a funny and really crazy guy. Brad’s statement was hilarious “I seem butch standing next to him” ;)))) At this particular point Rachel can be very thankful to have Brad on her team, since her focus is clearly women’s clothing, but Brad seems to be in his element.

4 rachel demis oscar gown

Finally Rachel found the right gown for Demi Moore. I loved it how she defended the silver dress in front of the Versace people, she could never insult a dress ;))) but the one on the right was really far the better choice and Demi looked superb!!!

To remind you: Demi Moore in Atelier Versace


5 rodger rachel

I personally think that much of the fight between Rachel and Rodger was pushed by the Bravo producers to create some drama or storyline, just like all this babytalk. I mean they have been doing this for more than 10 years, so Rodger knows the routine? Why complain now???

And I LOVED it when she called him Mister Zoe – haha – but she is right isn’t she? After all its HER career, HER name, HER expertise – he is just along for the ride.

I could live without that drama. I watch the show for the fashion and Rachels and Brads dynamic ;)))

Can’t wait for Episode 7: Zoe vs. Zoe


  1. I think the fight or baby talk is something real/true but also something the producers want. Since the 1st season Rachel has talked about having a baby (preferably a girl to give all her clothes) but she isn't getting younger (almost 40). Plus, what Rodger says it's true, they are almost never alone with just the two of them. So I don't think it's fake but I also don't them to blow in front of the camera. They need to talk but not in front of the camera. I really hope they have that baby tho :)!

    So here's Episode 7...Enjoy!

  2. ooh thanks for the link darling - I did'nt see it until now ;(

    I think that we only get to see Rachel and her Team when she is the most stressful (award shows, fashion shows) but lets face it - there is only ONE oscar show a year and every week is not fashion week in New York, Paris or Milan.